Guess who’s tweeting in distress? Guess who’s crying for help? Is it a baby bird or a collapsing house or a drying river or a clear-cut forest or a burning forest or a melting iceberg or a polluted land or a prince or princess of the fairy tale or a climate activist in the face… Read more



Two regional artists from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Krista Petäjäjärvi and Aura Seikkula, invited me and three other artists – Artor Jesus Inkerö, Harry Salmenniemi and Niina Vatanen –, as artist-experts to participate in The futures of aging project, together with eight “ordinary” experts. This was a joint project of the Committee for the… Read more

The Truth


The Truth is a live audio-visual installation, with video artist Pietu Pietiäinen. It is a sort of oracle and mouth of truth. The truths are from people who come to visit the work. We don’t own the truth. We built the first version at Ärjä Art Festival on Ärjänsaari, Kajaani, 2–4 August, 2019. The second… Read more

Haloo!, Ear Channel, Cloud Nest


With architect Kari Sivonen, we built three sound installations to Pori Art Museum exhibition Peace, Love & My iPad Interactive sound works and sound art workshops in February–May, 2014. They offered three angles to listen to the museum; entering them, one listened to the museum building, which sounded different every time. All three modified the acoustics… Read more

Star Rain


Star Rain is a sound installation. Star Rain was recorded in empty, deserted places, when the crowd has left, and the high season is over: on a winter beach, side alley of bazar, in tunnel underneath a busy road. One can hear people, but see nobody. And just now they were here! Under the Star… Read more

Electric WoMan


Electric WoMan is an audio-visual installation, made of two elements: body part stories & images people have donated to it, and body part images based on stencil graffiti. Electric WoMan is an image of or a proposal for a contemporary human being. Or more generally, a living being. Fragmented, scattered, transformable, now and then disoriented.… Read more



MAD HOUSE AND ME We are friends. What kind of friends? Friendships are bilateral, give and take. What do I give to Mad House, what do I get from there? I belong to the group, that Mad House is, right now. Everyone is not there always but someone is, always. The group keeps changing but the common… Read more

A Guy and a Wooden Guy


I asked sculptor Tapani Kokko to make me a wooden guy for a sound installation. Tapani said, Do it yourself! I began sculpting in August 2014. And finished in March 2016. The wooden guy made his first appearance at Tampere Biennale in April 2016. The work is called A Guy and a Wooden Guy, when we are… Read more

Bone Garden


Bone Garden With sound archaelogist Riitta Rainio, we built Bone Garden to Turku, into the medieval basement of The Old City Hall. Bone Garden aimed to become a Stone Ageish sound installation. It was based on Riitta’s research on the Ajvide burial ground on the island of Gotland. It had three parts: with stuff, without… Read more



Sound installation in Rikhardinkatu library, Helsinki, 1 January-30 June, 2011. Sound Juha Valkeapää, hood Kari Sivonen. The installation got new sound and outfit every month. January’s sounds dated from January 2010, February’s sounds from February 2010 and so on. In February 2013 we built the installation in the gallery of the Finnish Institute in Stockholm.… Read more