We are friends. What kind of friends? Friendships are bilateral, give and take. What do I give to Mad House, what do I get from there? I belong to the group, that Mad House is, right now. Everyone is not there always but someone is, always. The group keeps changing but the common denominator remains the same – Mad House. Groups value gold, for a soloist. There one doesn’t have to decide, invent, do, plan it all by oneself, alone.

Mad House is a place too, where I go quite regularly, but not because of the place, but because of the people, the group. And because of what the group does. The group, that is, Mad House creates opportunities to perform and see performances, discuss important and interesting matters, participate in workshops and learn something new. And quite often it has offered me a spot to cook soup for hungry people, not only for myself.

Finally: I like do-it-yourself aesthetics, and doing things myself. DIY. Mad House allows me to DIY DIT. Do It Together! Not always I get paid, but always it pays. It increases the wealth that GDP does not know. Let’s do it ourselves, together, for us and others.