A Guy and a Wooden Guy

I asked sculptor Tapani Kokko to make me a wooden guy for a sound installation. Tapani said, Do it yourself! I began sculpting in August 2014. And finished in March 2016. The wooden guy made his first appearance at Tampere Biennale in April 2016.

The work is called A Guy and a Wooden Guy, when we are performing together, I’m cooking soup and espresso, while he’s posing. The title shortens to A Wooden Guy, when I leave him alone. Then there is just a sound sculpture.

Listen to Polvet/Knees

Tampere Biennale, Galleria Emil 13-17 April 2016
New Performance Turku Festival, 4-9 October, 2016
Sinne, Helsinki, 3-9 November, 2016
Kajaani Poetry Week, 6-7 July, 2017
Kontula Electronic, 20-22 April, 2018

Watch Christopher Hewitt’s video documentation from Tampere Biennale 2016:

Kuva: Ilkka Halso