Haloo!, Ear Channel, Cloud Nest

With architect Kari Sivonen, we built three sound installations to Pori Art Museum exhibition Peace, Love & My iPad Interactive sound works and sound art workshops in February–May, 2014. They offered three angles to listen to the museum; entering them, one listened to the museum building, which sounded different every time. All three modified the acoustics of the museum, using it as their material. They were spaces in a space. Haloo! was located in the museum lobby, Ear Channel in the corridor leading to the MEDIA Point, and Cloud Nest in the MEDIA Point.

 Haloo!  Ear Channel

In June 2014, Cloud Nest moved to Concept Summer exhibition on Korkeaoja’s fibre hemp field, Kokemäki, a small room changed to an open field under the big sky – summer pasture! Its five meter length was not too much, on the contrary, the hemp would grow three meters high, but it would not cover the sculpture. Setting the Cloud Nest up, hemp was delicate, only ten centimeters high. The wind played the strings supporting the sculpture, that made the soundscape inside of the tube just beautiful. The full length hemp stopped the strings, making the tube silent again. But one could see clouds in there!

After Concept Summer, Cloud Nest moved back to Pori, to T.E.H.D.A.S ry’s sculpture park at the old short wave radio station. I don’t know how it is doing at the moment.

Photos: Kari Sivonen & JV