Some words about my background


Juho Laitinen, who organizes the club Tulkinnanvaraista, asked me three questions about my background. How have you come to make music? I began to make art with Jaakko Nousiainen, as a vocal improvisation duo called kesken. We made voices, not music. Also my theatre studies background pushed me away from music. Shortly, we made vocal… Read more



With Taito, we rehearsed our up-coming performance Pelko/Fear at Kajaani Poetry Week on 4-6 July, 2018. We prepared three different scenes, Letter, Ghost and Safecave. Three sessions a day for three days. We’ve been on the issue for a year. These were our first rehearsals. Right away with audience. At the beginning of each session… Read more

What does it mean?


I visited Kontula with A Wooden Guy. People looked at it and asked, what it means. It is a question, that fills me with astonishment, always. Then I smile, and seeking friendly, not demeaning tone, say, you tell me. Tell me, what it means. It meant something to me, when I was sculpting it, and… Read more

What makes this art?


Yesterday, in Publics, I listened to a very interesting lecture by Jeanne Van Heeswijk. It was titled “Imagination – a collective exercise of care”. Philadelphia Museum of Art had asked her to ponder on the relationship between the museum and the city. The result was a terrific, communal tour de force, that culminated into an exhibition in… Read more

A precept


For years, as principle of my art making, I’ve used phrase “Keep it stupid and simple” by Juhani Tamminen, a Finnish ice hockey legend. Maybe it has come time to update it with a thought by Imre Kertész: “People need simple phrases, bread, solidarity, laughter.” (Gályanapló) Photo: Cecilia Mandrile (City Talk)



Reading Imre Kertész’ diary from years 1961–91, Gályanapló, I wonder his notes that I pay attention to, that I see. It seems like they belong to two groups. Majority of them strengthen my own thoughts, and many are connected to art making and humanity, like (my translation) Art is the most natural of all the… Read more



Lately, ethos has become a trendy concept. We talk about the ethos of an artist or an art work. Does this mean that we have become more moral? Ethos means habit or moral character, moral vision. It makes also root for ethics. Talking about ethos, are we calling for ethicality? Photo: Maija Blåfield (Boy’s Toys)

Virtuoso and multi-disciplinary aficionado


Today morning I thank artist Teemu Mäki, who, in his essay Toolbox (Työkalupakki, in Näkyvä pimeys, 2005, lame translation mine), deals with a subject, that is not unusual for me: “Giving up admiration for and demand of virtuosity is above all a philosophical decision. A virtuoso artist masters her/his instruments, and thus rises above her/his materials and works.… Read more

How and where?


In recent years, one of my favourite phrases has been “artist doesn’t know where s/he’s going but s/he knows how to get there”. Lately I’ve had a funny feeling, quite often, that I don’t know where I’m going, and I don’t know how to get there, either. A friend said that it means that something is… Read more



I participated in Roy Hart Theater’s voice workshop in summer, 1998. The most important thing I took with me from there was not vocal but something bigger, something that concerns performing generally. It was told by a clown, who led the workshop together with the voice teacher; “if you don’t know what to do, and… Read more