With Taito, we rehearsed our up-coming performance Pelko/Fear at Kajaani Poetry Week on 4-6 July, 2018. We prepared three different scenes, Letter, Ghost and Safecave. Three sessions a day for three days.

We’ve been on the issue for a year. These were our first rehearsals. Right away with audience. At the beginning of each session we explained, and we had written onto the program, that it is a rehearsal. Which became a performance. Both we and the audience saw the situation as a performance. Which they were. Funnily, I was less excited than usually before a performance, because we had titled them as rehearsals. Because we said it out loud, that we were just experimenting, and it could go to the dogs.

The first rehearsals were a success. Thanks for the participation!

Reijo Haukia shot us spinning the bottle.