Life as we know it


The starting point for the performance Life as we know it by Maija Hirvanen and Juha Valkeapää has been in imagining directions, to which life could go or where it would be desired to go. A small part of this process has been selected to be cultivated into a stage performance. The imagined directions of… Read more

Silent Death


A quiet death can mean a merciful death: I want to die after a good and fulfilling life, peacefully. In reality, death often occurs too hard, too painfully, too loud, too early or too late. A quiet death can also be understood as dying secretly, without nobody noticing. Or in undistinguished way. Or it can… Read more

The Truth


The Truth is a live audio-visual installation, with video artist Pietu Pietiäinen. It is a sort of oracle and mouth of truth. The truths are from people who come to visit the work. We don’t own the truth. We built the first version at Ärjä Art Festival on Ärjänsaari, Kajaani, 2–4 August, 2019. The second… Read more

Bird Concert


Together with sound artist Juhani Liimatainen, we create a scenery of everyday and mythological birds, like sparrow, great tit, starling, pigeon, seagull, swan, eagle owl, raven, loon, cuckoo, phoenix, and Tux penguin. Jussi plays synthesizers, me my voice, and we talk a bit, too. And we dress in feathers. The concert lasts 30-40 minutes. The… Read more

Vocal Portraits


I have performed vocal portraits in various contexts since 1998. Basic situation has remained almost the same; a person sits on the chair and says his/her/their name, I cover his/her/their eyes and voice the portrait, using the phonemes of his/her/their name. The concept ‘portrait’ is a bit mis-leading. I don’t describe the person on my… Read more