Many have known it for ages, and some have even dared to admit the fact. Only now it has become mainstream but still there are people who refuse to accept it, while some pocket all the money there is to be made with it. Namely, if we burn all the fossil fuels there is in the ground, all the coal, oil, gas – the world is going to burn.

Firehead is an obituary for fossil fuels, and a self-portrait of the emperor of the world, white, middle-aged, cis male. What has he done? Does he regret, feel shame? Does he still think he is immortal?

In his novel, The Overstory, Richard Powers writes, how a journalist once asked Rockefeller, what is enough. Rockefeller answered, if I could get a little bit more.

Firehead is a performance, a street poem, a tombstone, a creature that appears. It is the stage name I never started to use (my family name is translated usually as whitehead but it can be translated as firehead, too). It is burning oil roaring in the midst of wealth.

The majority of Firehead’s vocal expression is wordless but now and then he grabs his megaphone and speaks out, recites, yells, whispers obituaries for fossil capital(ism). Various writers – authors, researchers, journalists – are writing obituaries for Firehead to perform.

Obituary writers: Felipe de Ávila Franco, Nnimmo Bassey, Taru Elfving, Megan Grumbling, Pasi Heikkurinen, Jenni Laiti, Lasse Leipola, Michael Marder, Grace Nichols, Emma Puikkonen, Tuulia Reponen, Antti Salminen, Ann Wroe / The Economist.

Read the obituaries here Muistokirjoitukset Tulipäälle Obituaries for Firehead.

In the streets, at close proximity of parliament buildings and those of big oil, public indoors. At various festivals and without festivals. On the anniversaries of the fossil world.

Starting in 2022 and going on until we don’t burn fossils anymore.

Appearances 2022: Helsinki (Muu | Myymälä2 | Alkovi | Fulfill the promises demonstration | Sunday cruising x 9 | Afternoon walk x 1), Espoo (Fortum HQ). 2023: Gothenburg (13festivalen), Helsinki (1-year anniversary, Alkovi | Iso Roobertinkatu | Parliament House | House of the Estates x 5).

I’ve not made the Firehead all by myself. Arttu Merimaa has discussed it with me.  Tero Nauha designed and crafted the attire, and Tero, with Vargas Print Studio, designed the art graphics for the attire & business cards. Sam-Sam tuned the boots. Juha Valkeapää’s Voice has been producing and Arts Promotion Centre Finland has supported the work. Thank you all! And thank you, above mentioned obituarists!

Images: Tero Nauha, Linda Wardal / 13festivalen, Kamilla Sladowska / Myymälä2, Antti Ahonen