Firehead, an obituary for fossil capitalism – a street performance, 1-year-anniversary, Alkovi, Helsinginkatu 19, Helsinki, 19 February

Oblivia Pleasure, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, 1–3 February; ARGEkultur, Salzburg, 3–4 March; Schwankhalle, Bremen, 17–18 June; Teater Viirus, Helsinki, December 2023

Let’s be animals! is the working title of a new piece I start to play with at Palazzo Lucarini residency, Trevi, 6–18 March.

Bird Concert, the radio version, on Radio Variaatio.

Current Work

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Oblivia: Pleasure

With Annika and Timo, we have known each [...]


Many have known it for ages, and some [...]

Water Concert

Water Concert is a collaboration between [...]

Life as we know it

The starting point for the performance [...]

Bird Concert

Together with sound artist Juhani [...]

Vocal Portraits

I have performed vocal portraits in [...]

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