Yesterday I saw Sun & Sea, the Lithuanian opera that was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2019. It was warm in the big hall of the Cable Factory but it was only natural because we were watching a sandy beach. Natural? It was warm because of some sixty 2kW lamps in the ceiling. Oh! It was quite warm outside too. Oh!

I mentioned it to my lighting designer friend, saying it almost made me puke. He said he was about to puke when he came to watch Maija’s & my work Life as we know it, seeing the lamp army in the ceiling. Yep.

Could these works be made without the light-giving gluttons of electricity? I’m afraid that despite all the talk business as usual goes on just like in the old days. Are we not able to make our art without flying for a two-day gig? Are we not able to make our art without building fancy art halls where performers fly to for a two-day gig?

The suitcase on the photo above contains pieces of the set, some props, and costumes of the Houkka Bros.’ DIY musical Children, birds and flowers. We played it in 2006–2009. I opened the suitcase yesterday while checking what is there in my cellar. Maybe I could use the cardboard horse on the top of the pile in the animal piece I’m planning?