Siberia trilogy

My Siberia is a story of my Siberian year. This is the first performance where I combined live voice and pre-recorded soundtrack. I guided people through spring, summer, autumn and winter. I was a fish, mosquito, dog and raven, shaman. I performed the first version, My first Siberia, at Ferens Gallery, deep_ROOT Festival, Hull, 10/01. Next versions at BaltoScandal, Rakvere, 06/02, Kajaani Poetry Week, 07/02, Helsinki Museum of Cultures, 10/02, Tartu University, 12/03, and Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku, 03/04.

The other side of My Siberia was the soundscape for the Helsinki Museum of Cultures’ Siberia exhibition, May 2002 – Sept 2003. It consisted of four seasons; visiting the exhibition in spring you heard the Spring, in summer the Summer etc.

In 2002, Barcelona-based Testing Ground published the Siberian Summer as a part of their Bside project.

Photo: Jarkko Lievonen