I wander amongst people with a one-meter-long plastic (over tone) tube on my mouth. I point the tube towards people’s ears (one person & one ear at time!) and make sounds into it: tiny little, gentle, tender whispers and mumblings and yawnings etc. My purpose is simply to surprise, to shake, but warmly, gently. From time to time I offer the mouthpiece of the tube to somebody and put the earpiece on my own ear, giving ”the audience” a possibility to make sounds into my ear. A 30 seconds’ connection between two people, entering somebody’s private place in a public space, and on the contrary, allowing him or her to enter artist’s private place, his ear and mind. Poikkeustila performance festival, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Oct 28, 1999. Duration 30 min’s.

Under the title of Elephant at the IETM conference, amongst the conference participators who were having their coffee, Helsinki, Apr 24, 1999, duration 15 min’s.