No I Be Yonder

When inviting me to participate in No I Be Yonder, Geert Vaes described it as a beyond-leading ritual, using words like chance, dada, John Cage, Sun Ra. He talked about Wittgenstein’s red cupola and three kind of people that lived under it; some of those didn’t know that the cupola existed, some knew but didn’t care and some who wanted to go beyond it. He had attached a drawing to his message. There were snow and rain clouds, sunset, mountains, sand, a rock, stones, a tree, a road, people and a big snake.
I said, yes.
The rehearsal process was heavy, our curvy road full of stones, but I liked our performance, concert-like piece of theatre, where we cut up and played texts by Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare. Geert directed, Eva Schram, Eveline Van Bauwel and Juha Valkeapää performed. Theater Malpertuis paid the costs.
Performances 2009: Cement Festival (s’Hertogenbosch), theaterMalpertuis (Tielt), ccBE (Berchem) and Belgie (Hasselt).

Photo: Paul De Cloedt