MuseumTalk / StatueTalk


I went around in a museum and voiced works I found interesting, works which made me voice. The MuseumTalk was more a sound space than a performance. The museums were normally open and I was a normal visitor, getting just a little bit noisy sometimes. Between March 2000 and January 2001 I visited The Finnish Museum of Architecture, The Museum of Cultures, The Old Student House, Helsinki City Art Museum and Helsinki Kunsthalle, all of them situated in Helsinki. Duration of each 60 min’s. In February 2001 I visited Vapriikki in Tampere.

Under the title of Three pictures at the opening of an art exhibition at Trafó, Budapest, Hungary, Apr 29, 1999, duration 2 times 10 min’s.



StatueTalk is a variation of MuseumTalk. You can come across to it in streets, parks and squares of cities: at statues. In 2000, I statue-talked at the Finlayson Park in Tampere and in the Lahti city centre, and at Helsinki Marketsquare.

Under the title of Helsinki Animals: Statues of Mannerheim and Paasikivi, Helsinki, Sept 21, 2002. And on 16 May, 2013, I talked four statues in Pori.