Once the firm had bakehouses for its employees’ use. At the Festival Norpas Bakehouse one can bake rye bread with baker Vuokko Nuorteva’s sourdough that originates from the 18th century, while Islaja & Lau Nau’s music accompanies the fermentation. One finds all the equipment needed on the spot. One needs only time – Vuokko’s rye sourdough sets us on time. Welcome to bake together, to the miracle; how it is born, how it is, how it happens.

Also, at the Bakehouse one can just wonder on the birth of bread, tell about one’s own bakehouse experiences, and listen to Islaja & Lau Nau’s music.

Festival Norpas, Taalintehdas, 4–7 August, 2021. In collaboration with Dalsbruk Ironworks Museum.

Photos JV & Johanna Kaakinen