kesken was a duo formed by Jaakko Nousiainen and Juha Valkeapää. Starting in 1992 they utilised vocal improvisation to explore the possibilities of human voice. The duo gave a wide variety of live performances as well as constructed sound installations in Finland and in several European countries. Their main works include kesken sound bus for The Tampere International Theatre Festival (1995, -96), sound play Skin Flaps for The Finnish Radio Theatre (1995) and sound art for Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo’s experimental dance choreographies ACT (1996) and Bubble Speaks (1998).

kesken released their only record on 2 February, 2000. The CD, titled kesken document, sums up the duo’s career and as an unedited live recording it presents the duo’s work in a very straightforward manner. The duo set out on a mission to open up all our ears to everyday soundscapes by using simple methods, by communicating without words, by diluding the border between the audience and the performers. We all have ears and mouth.


Photo: Pauliina Pasanen