A live soundscape with Taito Hoffrén for the Kalevala directed by Atro Kahiluoto. We were the forest, the trees and the birds and the wind. We walked around the audience with long tubes of cardboard on our lips and whispered to the audience’s ears words like wood, linden, birch, block. I had a little role as Paavo Haavikko, academic and writer, and Taito sang. The actors were Tommi Eronen, Tarja Heinula, Jukka Manninen, Petteri Pennilä, Mari Perankoski and Taisto Reimaluoto. Scenery was created by Katariina Kirjavainen.

The premiere was at the Q Theatre’s Puoli-Q stage in Nov 1997. In Summer 98 we toured Rakvere, Estonia; Nurmes & Tampere, Finland. In December 99 the Sammon ryöstö visited Reykjavik, Iceland.