It seems a good place to build a house

It seems a good place to build a house

– What did I say?
– That you don’t love me.
– But I do.

In Estonia and Finland people believe that a man is not a man if he has not built a house. And once that house is ready, he starts to build a new one. It seems a good place to build a house talks about life, dreams and misunderstandings. Kaja Kann and Juha Valkeapää tell stories in Finnish, Estonian, English and German, accompanied with music, movement and pictures. A magical theatre experience for body and soul. Kann and Valkeapää claim that it’s just a miracle to see how a house is born.

– What will a house become when nobody lives there?
– It will die.

The first three houses were built at Nordwind Festival, Kampnagel, Hamburg, in December, 2011. The fourth and fifth houses rose at Baltic Circle, Helsinki, in November, 2012. The sixth house was built in Haapsalu during the New Dance Festival, in April, 2013.

”Oooh my! I don’t remember the last time I watched a show in an incredibly relaxed mood, with an unfading smile of awe, with a gaze of delight, and the ability to control my breath.” Viola Karungi,, 14.11.2012

Photo: Nico Martens