Leporello was part of the Helsinki-based Q Theatre’s festival called Baltic Circle, a co-operation between theatres around the Baltic Sea. Nine people gathered together three times, twice in Helsinki (Sept 99 & Jan 00) and once in Oldenburg, Germany (Nov 99): Danish Tine Madsen directed, Michael Olsen from Oldenburg visualized and the others acted as performers: Ilona Gosk from Poland, Regnars Vaivars from Latvia, Åza Thelandersson from Sweden and Germany, Sven Kuntu from Estonia, Uwe Bergeest from Germany, Juha Valkeapää from Finland, Marina Vyssotzkaja from Russia and Germany, Andrius Kurienus from Lithuania.

First time I really realized that the same words mean very different things. And the people can co-operate in a very different way, give themselves into the work in a very different way.