A Guy and a Wooden Guy


I asked sculptor Tapani Kokko to make me a wooden guy for a sound installation. Tapani said, Do it yourself! I began sculpting in August 2014. And finished in March 2016. The wooden guy made his first appearance at Tampere Biennale in April 2016. The work is called A Guy and a Wooden Guy, when we are… Read more

From Bark til Tail


From Bark til Tail A half-an-hour long vocal performance of someone in cage, the cage being in his mind. Barked at: j-o-h-n @ Wolke, Brussels, 01/15; NoMad House Berlin, 06/16; New Performance Nights, Turku, 08/16. Picture: Aleks Slota

Juha Valkeapää 50 yrs


This solo got its spark from a very personal perception, how a middle-aged man behaves like a teenage boy when falling in love and waiting for reaction, feedback from his love’s object. The performance plays with the real person and role, celebrates life, plays Adele, ponders on animal behaviour and one plant. Soundscape is stippled… Read more

Executed Stories


In this lecture performance, I tell life stories of executioners and executed people, and demonstrate execution methods. Tone of the performance is neutral and factual, with a touch of humour. And in the end, there is the last meal! There are two versions of Executed Stories, a 2 h 20 min long full version and… Read more

Silent man


I dress on a suit which I have equipped with cans on springs, broken clockenspiel, tiny bells. I walk slowly and silently, trying not to make any noise. Thus I create silence. The suit is a kind of fool’s dress. There one can see king’s fool, village looney, shaman, Toshiro Mifune’s mad man in a… Read more

Poor fellow


Collected money for the Kerava Art Museum in August-September 2012. Got 12,70 euros.



Digested is a series of vocal pieces, taking place in 2011 at the writers’ statues in Helsinki, on the writer’s birthday. I digest the writer’s main work and perform a sound poem of it, as a conclusion. In the photo: half of the Välskärin kertomukset by Z. Topelius



Jargon is a series of vocal pieces, taking place in 2011 at the politicians’ statues in Helsinki, on the politician’s birthday. For an hour I talk jargon. Päiväkirja / Diary Watch a video clip by Sándor Vály: Photo: Kaja Kann

Who was Minna Canth?


In winter 2007, I was commissioned a sound work of Minna Canth, writer etc who lived 1844-1897. She became the first woman to get an official flagday in Finland. The work has two parts: a live performance and a piece for radio. I recorded the material in Kuopio, on the first Minna Canth flagday 19… Read more



2007: I bought Didier Comes’ comic book Silence 20 years ago. I was impressed by its mystical atmosphere, witchcraft and superstition and I liked the love story. 2005: I found it in my bookshell and read it again. This time I was hit by the muteness and kindness of the title character, and of course, I… Read more