Guess who’s tweeting in distress? Guess who’s crying for help? Is it a baby bird or a collapsing house or a drying river or a clear-cut forest or a burning forest or a melting iceberg or a polluted land or a prince or princess of the fairy tale or a climate activist in the face… Read more

Animal beings


Animal beings (AB) is a performance masquerading as an exhibition.  AB asks how we are, act and behave on this planet. In AB I play and wonder the world. Making AB, my instruments are my voice with and without words, amplified and not amplified, my body plus texts, performance scores and soundscapes. I may perform… Read more

Oblivia: Pleasure


With Annika and Timo, we have known each other for some twenty years, and I’ve seen the most of Oblivia’s performances. Now we work together for the first time. It has been fun! With us, on stage, fine musicians: composer-pianist Yiran Zhao, mezzosoprano Gabriela Lesch, and guitarist Thilo Ruck. Life’s unique moments, intense sensory impressions,… Read more



Two regional artists from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Krista Petäjäjärvi and Aura Seikkula, invited me and three other artists – Artor Jesus Inkerö, Harry Salmenniemi and Niina Vatanen –, as artist-experts to participate in The futures of aging project, together with eight “ordinary” experts. This was a joint project of the Committee for the… Read more



Many have known it for ages, and some have even dared to admit the fact. Only now it has become mainstream but still there are people who refuse to accept it, while some pocket all the money there is to be made with it. Namely, if we burn all the fossil fuels there is in… Read more



Once the firm had bakehouses for its employees’ use. At the Festival Norpas Bakehouse one can bake rye bread with baker Vuokko Nuorteva’s sourdough that originates from the 18th century, while Islaja & Lau Nau’s music accompanies the fermentation. One finds all the equipment needed on the spot. One needs only time – Vuokko’s rye sourdough… Read more

Water Concert


Water Concert is a collaboration between sound artists Juha Valkeapää and Juhani Liimatainen, and lighting and video artist Pietu Pietiäinen. Starting point: All the water on Earth has been here always, for 4,5 billion years. Water connects everything: people to people and to other living and non-living creatures. Everything is water and from water. In… Read more

Life as we know it


The starting point for the performance Life as we know it by Maija Hirvanen and Juha Valkeapää has been in imagining directions, to which life could go or where it would be desired to go. A small part of this process has been selected to be cultivated into a stage performance. The imagined directions of… Read more

Silent Death


A quiet death can mean a merciful death: I want to die after a good and fulfilling life, peacefully. In reality, death often occurs too hard, too painfully, too loud, too early or too late. A quiet death can also be understood as dying secretly, without nobody noticing. Or in undistinguished way. Or it can… Read more

The Truth


The Truth is a live audio-visual installation, with video artist Pietu Pietiäinen. It is a sort of oracle and mouth of truth. The truths are from people who come to visit the work. We don’t own the truth. We built the first version at Ärjä Art Festival on Ärjänsaari, Kajaani, 2–4 August, 2019. The second… Read more